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We're eating the colours of the organic rainbow every, single, day! ⁠

Fresh, organic and imperfectly perfect, just the way we like them!⁠

Did you know you can order via whatsapp- our amazing staff can photograph the produce for you to choose! +62 821 46165452⁠

You can also qualify for free delivery around Umalas and Canggu and surrounding suburbs if you spend 300k!

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Alive Tribe members can grab a free dragon fruit with every purchase 300k or over this week!

Not a tribe member? You’re missing out! Every week we reward our members with a different giveaway. It’s a chance to try something new, support a new supplier or farmer and just say THANKS to you 🤍

It’s free to sign up - instore or via the link in our bio!

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Health, wellness, herbs and supplements, tinctures, self care, cleaning and home care- all in one place. Our range of products are carefully selected from incredible local creators, artisans and professionals 🤍 we choose products that not only do we think you will love and appreciate but that also align with our values and come with a thoughtful price tag! We hope you’ll enjoy browsing our aisles as much as we’ve loved curating them for you! ...

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Looking for zero waste shopping?? Browse our HUGE bulk foods section in stores and online! (BYO jars or buy them in store!)

At Alive we believe in reducing waste as much as possible, we know we are not perfect and we focus on conscious consumption. ♻️

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WHY should you eat Sauerkraut every damn day?⁠

Yep - Sauerkraut is a great source of fibre as well as vitamins and minerals! ⁠

Plus - it's a fermented food so promotes the growth of beneficial probiotics which are important for digestive health!⁠

Fermentation makes the cabbage easier for us to digest - ENZYMES baby! ⁠

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Digestion issues, in need of an energy or immunity boost or just want to get some goodness in?⁠

Our cold pressed juices are made daily on our kitchens from local and organic produce!⁠

What’s your favorite?

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The perfect any time snack line up 🤩⁠

Have you tried our range of house made natural mueslis and granolas yet?⁠

We’ve put all the good stuff in and left all the nasties like preservatives out (it’s also sugar free!)⁠

Available in store and online (or via whatsapp!)

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When the craving hits - we got you covered!⁠

View our range of amazing local suppliers cold treats and icecreams - the product range we stock includes vegan, gluten free, dairy free all round yum factors!⁠

Available to shop in store in our freezer section!

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The tonic for detoxing and healing! Warning - this one's HOT!⁠

@liveessences make these magical tonics... have you tried them?⁠

This one is called Trust & Let Go - designed to Detox and Heal. ⁠

Tastes like: A Fireball of Spices (that would be the Chili, Garlic and Daikon. Palmyra Nectar soothes. ⁠

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Happy hump day Alive Fam! We’ve loved seeing you all in store this week! 🥝🥦🥥⁠

We have everything you need in one place-

🌱We stock more than 1000 items in store and online!⁠
🍓Organic produce & Wholefoods⁠
🥜Bulkfoods and zero waste essentials⁠
🥚Dairy, eggs & meat⁠
🥤Healthy juices, snacks and every day essentials⁠
🛍Local and imported grocery and pantry goods⁠
🛀Beauty and personal care⁠
💊Health food items and supplements

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We're nuts about zero waste shopping - really, we are, just ask us 😬⁠

Don’t forget to bring back your jars and bottles to recycle in store ♻️ you’ll get 2k store credit back to use on your next shop!

We also have a dip jar return promo, bring back five dip jars to get a FREEBIE dip of choice!

Maximum 15 jars at a time please - and give them a wash before bringing them back with the lids 🤍🤍🤍


* maximum 15 jars returned per person per day!

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We are pretty proud to say we are one of the leaders here in Bali when it comes to going plastic free for our produce. There's just no excuse to wrap these beautiful, organic babies in plastic anymore. ⁠

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It's smooth, a little sour and it'll tickle your tongue with its natural sparkling effervescence. Keffir is a probiotic yoghurt that's sure to give you some good tummy times. ⁠

As with all fermented foods, it has a pleasant tang - it's totally normal!⁠

DID YOU KNOW? Milk kefir has more nutritional value than water kefir due to the quality of the substrate – in this case milk. The fermentation process makes the calcium, magnesium and other elements easier to absorb and digest, plus its a great source of protein.⁠

AND - Milk kefir may have 40+ types of organisms that repopulate the gut and boost immunity.

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For every Pumpkin Dip or Beetroot Dip purchased during May you’ll score a free packet of everyone’s favourite Multi-seed crackers from @cookandbakerbali

*double dipping encouraged.
**no purchase limits apply. Buy 1 get 1 crackers free valid for Pumpkin Dip and Beetroot Dips only.
***subject to product availability ****offer valid in stores and online from May 1st- May 31st 2023

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Game, Set, Matcha! Health trends come and go but matcha is one that is here to stay. And for good reason - Head over to our blog for our top TEN ways that matcha is amazing and SO good for you!⁠

This Iced Oat Matcha Latte recipe from our Tribe member Marci is now live on our recipe hub!⁠

Or if you’re an e-mail subscriber this recipe just dropped into your inbox 😋

What exactly is matcha? Full of antioxidants and other healthful compounds, matcha is made up of finely powdered, young tea leaves. It's a high-quality type of green tea that has a long list of health benefits that are evidence-based.⁠🌱🌿


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What's your flavour, tell us what's your flavour - OOH!⁠

Hang on, something's not right here.... one dip is missing! Can you guess which one?

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Tired and tested by our furry friends! ⁠

@origowild dog treats are well-balanced, raw and made in small batches here in Bali from the best ingredients.⁠

Only the best for our furry friends!⁠

Available in stores and online.

Guest cameo appearance of Eli and Chelsie marcie_elllie

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THE GOAT! IFYKYK - right?⁠

The Choc Tempe Clusters from @initempe are one of our customers long standing favourites.⁠

Crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth-goodness.⁠

Made from crunchy tempe chips covered with Plant Based Dark Chocolate, Pumpkin Seed and Toasted Sesame. ⁠

Available in stores and online. ⁠

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Selamat Datang Alive Wholefoods Store!

Temukan semua yang Anda butuhkan di satu tempat!

Karyawan/staff kami yang ramah siap membantu dengan semua yang anda butuhkan!
Kunjungi kami di toko Umlas atau Canggu. Jadikan tim kami sebagai asisten belanja pribadi anda melalui aplikasi whatsapp atau chat online kami.

Kunjungi kami di

Jadilah anggota ALIVE TRIBE  untuk mendapatkan poin yang dapat ditukarkan menjadi potongan harga , hadiah mingguan dengan pembelian dalam jumlah tertentu dan manfaat  lainya

🌱We stock more than 1000 items in store and online!
🍓Organic produce & Wholefoods
🥜Bulkfoods and zero waste essentials
🥚Dairy, eggs & meat
🥤Healthy juices, snacks and every day essentials
🛍Local and imported grocery and pantry goods
🛀Beauty and personal care
💊Health food items and supplements

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Six years ago the Alive Wholefoods Brand came to life!

As the first organic Wholefoods store in the Canggu area, we were learning as we went along and we’re still learning now!

Fast forward 6 years - we are so proud of our growing team and what we’ve achieved!

1 .Big Alive Tribe family!
2. 2 Stores opened (plus a NEW location this year for Canggu!)
3. Flavours of Sparkling keffir 😆
4. Ways to shop! (In store, online, whatsapp, gojek!)
5. Main Farmers in Bali supplying organic produce
6. Years and counting!

To all of our incredible farmers, suppliers, staff, customers and community - We couldn’t have done it without you!

From our family to yours, THANK YOU to all of the Alive Wholefood Store Tribe - that’s you! A little look back on the last few years!

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