Multigrain Organic Rice Crackers / Cakes 90g


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Rice Crackers are a healthy snack that can be used as a substitute for wheat crackers or bread. They can be enjoyed simply with our yummy Bali Asli jams, nutbutters or even Vegemite or add a few more ingredients on top like sprouts, sliced fruit & veg or even bump up your protein with sliced salmon, ham or tempe.


Boga Warastama produces BW Multigrain Rice Crackers made from ORGANIC RICE and grains. The rice used is low sugar rice and brown rice, which is combined with grains such as pearl barley and flaxseeds. BW Multigrain Rice Cracker is processed by baking without oil, so the resulting product is really a healthy product, without trans-fat, without MSG and without cholesterol.


Enjoy the crispness without ruining your diet.