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Our Top Five Essential Oils For Everyday Use!

Our Top Five Essential Oils For Everyday Use!

We think Essentials oils are literal superstars! Which essential oil to use to spice things up in the bedroom? Which one has a sedative effect and which one cuts through chewing gum find our TOP FIVE OILS for everyday use including medicinal, beauty and cleaning hacks – enjoy getting oily!

Lavender Oil – The oil for everyone (unless you have an allergy ;P) 

There’s a reason this oil is without a doubt the most popular of the bunch. It’s gentle enough to use on your little ones (do your own research here before using it on kids.)  It’s  anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antidepressant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it one you definitely want to keep on hand.

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, whether it be from insomnia, anxiety or stress, enter Lavender to the rescue! Diffuse it by your bed, add a few drops on your pillow case or massage it into your temples as part of your evening wind down routine (we like to add this to our little ones sheets before bed time ;))

You can also do this if you suffer from headaches, massage the oil into your temples, forehead, and neck (specifically behind your ears) and let it do its magic.

Apply topically to inflamed or itchy skin for instant relief. It’s anti-inflammatory agents calm and soothe. You can also use Lavender for bug bites (think nasty mozzies!). 

We get so many requests for the Hair Growth shampoo bar from Embun which is often out of stock. Applying a mix of lavender and olive oil to the scalp and massaging regularly is said to boost and improve hair growth. This is because the lavender oil stimulates blood circulation!

Massage boosting hack – Lavender is the go-to for pain relief. Massage it into sore muscles, sprains and joints to reap the anti inflammatory benefits (and get super relaxed while you’re at it!). We like to take this one to our local massage parlour and ask the masseuse to add it into our massage blend. 


Clove oil – The germ buster

This incredible oil is super high in antioxidants and has potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-fungal properties making it a go-to for loads of common health issues!

Have you heard the old wives tale about chewing a clove for a toothache? There is actually truth to this one. Clove contains Eugenol which is a natural anaesthetic. It also contains the anti-inflammatory goodies so can actually help to reduce gum irritation and also swelling caused by gum disease. The anaesthetic effects also mean less pain!

Eugenol alongside the antioxidants found in cloves make this the perfect free radical damage protector – ( If you live in Bali this is a good one for you!) 

Clove oil has been found to kill the barteria Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) which is specifically linked to acne and skin issues.Here’s a great tip for using clove oil to improve skin and acne – Create a mix of honey with 3-5 drops of clove oil and use this to cleanse your face. 

Eugenol also has rejuvenating and stimulating properties, which can increase blood flow to the skin to make it glow.

There is a reason this super herb is found in many detox and organ cleansing regimes, it’s particularly potent in killing our old friend candida along with intestinal parasites. Do your own research on this one or check with your naturopath to see if clove oil would be a good option for you! 

This one one is super relevant now –  If you know you’re going to be exposed to people who may have a cold or the flu, mixx a few drop of clove oil into some coconut oil and rub onto your neck and chest areas for a natural protection. 

Cleaning hack – Clove oil is really effective at removing mould! Just mix a quarter teaspoon of clove oil per litre of water in a spray bottle and lightly spray on a mouldy surface. Leave for 20 minutes before wiping off.


Ylang Ylang – The Sexy Oil

You might recognise this scent from Chanel No.5 if you’re a traditional perfume lover ;). We prefer to use the essential oil in its purest form.

The Ylang ylang is a yellow, star-shaped flower that grows on the Cananga tree and native to tropical countries including Indonesia. 

This special oil has been shown to have serious mood boosting properties when inhaled or applied to the skin. It is amazing for boosting self esteem and can reduce symptoms of anxiety. (We love that!) 

Ylang ylang contains linalool which is a compound containing antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties so this oil can also be effective for treating Candida (say goodbye to nasty antibiotics for good!) 

This one is our favourite – it is called natures aphrodisiac! Ylang ylang has been traditionally used as a folk remedy to increase sexual desire and reduce sexual anxiety.

It is said to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, increasing libido and even boosting attraction between lovers (*adds to cart). Apparently dipping a cotton bud in the oil and placing it near your bed is enough to bring on the powers of this oil. 

Complete calm hack – Ylang Ylang is a mood booster but it also has serious calming, almost sedative properties. We love to add a few drop of this to our new Bath Salt and Epsom soak – Hello complete and utter relaxation.


Orange oil – the juicy all rounder

Obviously extracted from the fruit we all know and love, this oil has so many uses you may not have heard about!

Orange is especially good for cleansing and cleaning!

Its been shown to be perfect as a s kin cleanser and can help with acne and blemishes as well as skin redness! It is also full of powerful antioxidants to help with the negative effects of free radicals so is a good one to add into your daily moisturiser!

But our favourite uses for this oil are all about cleaning! Orange oil is effective as both an anti-fungal and an anti-bacterial agent so it is the perfect choice for killing those nasty bugs around the home. It also has the added perk of smelling AMAZING. If you want your home to smell like you’ve just spent all day cleaning add a few drop of this oil. 

Its amazing at removing anything sticky. Do you remember those products that came out in the 90’s made from orange oil? They also had loads of other nasty chemicals in them but the reason they used orange oil is it can cut through grease, grim and basically anything sticky! ( Think sticky tape residue, chewing gum, anything created by your little ones 😉 )

We love to use a simple recipe of vinegar and water with around 10 drops of orange in a spray bottle. This can be used as a surface spray, bathroom cleaning, shoe deodoriser, linen spray – the list is endless!

We’ve heard it can also be used as a natural pesticide for plants. Are your frangipanis suffering with those little bugs that can attack the whole tree and be impossible to get rid of? Give orange oil a whirl and let us know how you go. 

Improving Circulation massage hack – Orange oil can be used as a natural remedy for high blood pressure and improving blood flow Because of this, it might also be a great tool for improving low libido (hello!) and reducing PMS symptoms. So give yourself a treat and add this oil to your next massage blend. Rub the oil gently into the abdomen area to improve blood flow there!


Eucalyptus oil – The healing oil

This little antimicrobial beauty comes from the Eucalyptus trees leaves, originally native to Australia. 

The smell of Eucalyptus always reminds us of the Vicks chest rub our mums used to rub into our chests as kids when we had a child or cough. This chest rub did actually contain Eucalyptus oil (along with lots of other stuff that isn’t as natural!) for good reason.

It can be used for bringing up mucus trapped in your chest when you have a cough. It’s also said to be able to silence the cough completely. A must have for your at home natural medicine bag. Place a few drops drops in a bowl of hot water. Cover your head with a towel, lean over the steaming bowl and breathe deeply for 5 to 10 minutes. Otherwise add a few drops to your bath and breathe in its healing vapours while you relax. 

As a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pain-reliever, another medicinal trick this one has up its sleeve is it’s ability to treat and heal wounds as well as preventing infection. This is actually how the indigenous Australian Aborigines used the leaves from the tree. They also used it to treat a fever and this is how the tree became known as the Australian Fever tree. Add the oil to a carrier cream to dilute before applying to wounds and even minor burns to promote healing. (You could use shea or cocoa butter too, just melt down and cool slightly before adding the oil). 

DIY mouthwash! Yes, there is a reason this one is often found in toothpastes and mouthwash, its antibacterial properties make it perfect for fighting tooth decay and gum disease. Add a couple of drops to water and use this to gargle (don’t swallow ;)) 

Eucalyptus is also perfect for anything to do with cleaning. We love to add 10 drops into the washing machine, vacuum cleaner or iron for bacteria killing benefits along with adding a super fresh scent to the clothes and room. 

The Ultimate shower hack – This one works if you’re wanting to alleviate cold and flu symptoms or just want a little boost to start your day. Throwing a few drops of the oil onto the floor of your (warm) shower will create a giant Eucalyptus steam room!



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