Blog / Bali / Talking all things Qi, detoxing and using herbs with Dr Hang Wang from Ming Herbs and Alua from Alua Nutrition Biohacking
Talking all things Qi, detoxing and using herbs with Dr Hang Wang from Ming Herbs and Alua from Alua Nutrition Biohacking

Talking all things Qi, detoxing and using herbs with Dr Hang Wang from Ming Herbs and Alua from Alua Nutrition Biohacking

You might have seen Ming Herbs products in our stores or online – the packaging is super cool, but what’s inside is even cooler!

We were grateful to have recently joined in on a community gathering at Muka Concepts with Dr Hang Wang from Ming Herbs and Alua from Alua Nutrition Biohacking, in a conversation about building and maintaining health and beauty for life using herbs so we thought we would share a few pearls of wisdom we took away from the day with you. Maybe it will inspire you to do a little research of your own.

Upon arrival we were treated to a rejuvenating tincture made out of flower herbs which we sipped as we let the waves of the Hang playing the guzheng (Chinese zither) to harmonise our energies in the room. Our minds and senses were calm and we were ready to begin.  

For some context, Dr Hang Wang is a Qi Healer, a medical intuitive, an Esoteric Acupuncturist (among other things!) he has over 17 years experience in herbal medicine and is the creator of Ming Herbs. 

The first thing we learnt is that it’s all about the Qi – The human system and every physicality is basically an energetic system. In his book The Art of Detox Dr Hang Wang writes “The functions of your body are connected to your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; they are all influencing each other. How you feel in every moment in all these bodies depends on the level of Qi you have.” 

So what do herbs have to do with this? Herbs have energy too, but that’s not all… 

“The thing about herbs is that they are a very specific functional idea. If you look at our food consumption, we really only consume a very limited range. Herbs are more of a rarity and they can activate and awaken a certain chemistry in our bodies that cannot be achieved by food alone. 

We are living in an age where we have access to anything we need, herbs for example, that in past times might only have been available to royalty and those in power and we can use these as an extension of health and of life.” 

If you eat the right food for you, not just listening to what others say you should eat, but what is right for you, fundamentally, the right foods alongside herbs should nourish your health. It then means that ageing is not a process of time, ageing is a process of nutrients and other factors such as herbs” – wow, mind blown. 

The Daoist saying “ If you die at the age of 120, you die young,” gives us a powerful clue about the potential of human health. Dr Hang Wang refers to the Daoists as earlier versions of the modern day bio-hackers. They were the ones who experimented with herbs and their knowledge has been passed down over centuries.

Detox is a process or a lifestyle, it’s not something you pick up for a week, a month or even a year, but practices you incorporate daily into the thread-work of your life. 

“Behind it all you need to have a foundation laid, a philosophical understanding of why you are doing something, otherwise it’s just random.” Dr Hang Wang.

This brings us back to doing what is right for you and your body, your energy, right here and right now – not because someone trending now on instagram is saying you should. 

“In our society there is a tendency to do and try what is trendy. Having this foundation behind what you are doing means you are not just doing something because someone says it’s good for you. You can expend a-lot of energy unnecessarily this way.” Alua. 

This leads us to getting in touch with our own body and intuition, listening to our bodies. What do we crave? Because this can tell us a-lot! 

“It’s not the need of the nourishment that usually dictates what our need to eat is, it’s the parasites, fungus and bacterias in the body speaking to us and that’s why we crave the quick and easy sugary foods.”

When you’re really tuning in and listening to your body it will tell you what you need.

The same can be said not just for what we are consuming through our mouth but also our minds…

Just relax baby!

“Another factor, incorporating a chunk of time in your day for yourself, just you. It’s very important and it doesn’t matter what you do. Something quiet, meditation, yoga, qigong or simply listening to the trees and staring at the sky. Whatever it may be, these things sound really simple, and there is no mystery or secret to it. But all of these things are profound on human health.

The human system works better in relaxation mode. If you want your stomach to work better, your skin to be better and your poo to be regular – you really have to relax.”

Prioritising health

Another really impactful thing that came out of the conversation was that it’s all about priorities. 

“If you put your health on the very top of the list and then you prioritise your work and relationships and everything around keeping your health high on that list, then you will maintain a certain relativity to that. You can meander through your day getting everything else accomplished knowing that you are putting your health first.” Dr Hang Wang said. 

The Herbs and Teas

Our biggest take away is that there is a sense of herbs being used as a tool for you to heal your own body, only you are in your body and so the herbs will be adjusted by you depending on your reaction to them, it’s very intuitive and in a way goes against a lot of what mainstream medical systems teach us. 

If you are just starting out on your journey with herbalism and detoxing the body, Dr Hang says there are two factors to consider before purchasing the herbs – 

  1. What is your current state of toxicity
  2. How much health and rejuvenation you want to achieve. 

You can then look at the areas you want to focus on with the herbs, or take a more general approach. 

And a frequently asked question – Do you need to wait until you are ready to  “give up” caffeine, sweet foods or whatever other vices/ toxins you’re putting into your body? No. The herbs will work irregardless of whatever else you do. But the efficiency and length of time it will take your body to detox will also adjust here accordingly. So, no better time than the present right?

Why teas? Made using a 10:1 ratio of herbal extract, teas are a potent way to access instant nutritional availability and absorbability! 

We have a limited number of copies of Dr. Hang Wang’s book ‘The Art of Detox’ in store to give out to those wanting to purchase any items from the Ming Herbs range, get in touch if you’d like more information. 



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