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Terra Water x Alive Wholefoods Bali

Terra Water x Alive Wholefoods Bali

Unfortunately not everybody in Indonesia has access to safe drinking water. Terra Water Indonesia helps to provide effective, sustainable and cost saving solutions to families who would not otherwise have access to safe drinking water, or have relied on environmentally damaging plastic bottles for their daily water needs.

What they say: “At terra, sustainability and social responsibility are not just words in our everyday vocabulary; they are a call to action. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions that positively impact the social, economic, and environmental aspects of the communities we work and live in.

Indonesian families using terra filters instead of buying water gallons can save upto Rp. 6,000,000 (US$430) in two years.

Women and children in Indonesia are often responsible for fetching fuel to boil water. Our products lift this burden.

We educate on good water, sanitation, and hygiene practices to promote healthy lifestyles. Studies indicate children from healthy families are more likely to have better economic opportunities as adults. “

You can help to keep this project rolling…

In this short clip we‘ve shown what a big impact one purchase of a Terra Water Ceramic Filter can make. The @balistreetmums_project received a free Water Filter and personalised training so that they always have access to good drinking water. They will so save around 3 million rupiah this year alone and are able to spend more money on helping moms and kids so they can grow up in a safe environment.

Through our 1:1 program at Alive, Terra Water gives a free Basic Water filter to people of our choice for every Ceramic Water Filter you purchase, how awesome is that?




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