We know everyone deserves to have access to affordable fresh, healthy and organic produce, and we know how important it is to make sustainable and ethical choices when it comes to shopping for their home. But we also know that everyone’s circumstances are different and the overwhelming price tag that can come with doing both of these things can make it just out of reach for the majority of people.

That’s why we are committed to offering you a product range that not only supports local, ethical suppliers, artisans, farmers and their families, but we try to keep the prices as fair as possible.

When you shop at Alive Wholefood Store you are supporting our beautiful delicate environment by choosing to avoid mass produced and unsustainable farming practices. You are also supporting your own physical health and well-being & helping the local economy grow.

We choose to wrap in banana leaf, provide foods in bulk, limit plastic and encourage recycling where possible. We also use all of our food wastage or we compost it and give it back to our farmers to use…. We know we aren’t perfect but we try where we can. 

The products and brands we have carefully selected to bring you, don’t make the cut just by being amazing alone. There are also brands who are doing amazing things whether it be sustainable or regenerative farming (in the case of our wonderful farmers), or a company that gives back to their local community (like Terra Water does in giving a filter to a Bali Street Mum for every one sold in our store).

Our wonderful suppliers are also committed to using the freshest, locally sourced and organic ingredients where possible.

So enjoy your experience of browsing our handpicked selection of quality products both in store and online. We’re proud to have them and we know you will be too.

At Alive We Believe…

In sourcing the freshest organic and fruit and vegetables, natural and ethically produced products and the healthiest alternatives for a healthy body and mind at fair prices

We believe in paying our farmers and suppliers well and supporting the local economy. We believe in reducing waste as much as possible, we know we are not perfect and we focus on conscious consumption.

We believe in a happy , fulfilled and educated team, where we all grow together and empower each other. We believe the customer is always right and we believe in equality.

We believe healthy home cooked, nutritious meals bring people together and that nutrition is medicine. We believe in pampering ourselves naturally without hurting any animals.

We believe in giving back, balance, nature and respect the local culture. 

We believe this island is magic and are grateful each day for its abundance. 

The Alive Way

We offer you a complete range of organic produce, bulk wholefoods, general grocery items, eco household items, natural personal care and much more!

Fresh Organic Produce

Our fruit and vegetable selection has been sourced and grown with love by local organic farmers. We work closely with a small number of small biz farmers to procure the best selection for you. All items will be in season, toxic-spray free and GMO free.

Bulk Wholefoods

Buy In Bulk And Be The Change. Reduce Waste When You Buy In Bulk With Us. We Have Legumes, Grains, Seeds, Pulses, Pastas, Organic Rice, Superfood Powders, Dried Fruit & Spices All Available In BULK. Boom!

Vegan & Plant-Based Options

Being a (mostly) plant-based family ourselves, we know the goods you need! From plant based protein powders to non-gmo tempeh and delicious vegan snacks, to plant based milks, vegan cheeses, chocolates and yogurts from the best local artisans.

Healthy Groceries

We've carefully selected our grocery items to ensure they are free from nasties where possible. We offer house made fermented items, jarred goods (try our house pickled gherkins!!), homemade soups, dips, sauces, oils, spices, pasta, noodles, condiments and more.

Baked Goods

Enjoy homemade artisan breads from talented local artisan bakers including sourdough, banana flour, multigrain & gluten free! We also stock organic, vegan and homemade seed crackers, biscuits, and sweets that are all produced with natural preservative free ingredients.


A big range of milk, preservative free yogurts, incredible locally produced cheeses, milk kefir and cottage cheese.

Natural Health, Beauty & Personal Care

We stock a full range of supplements, natural personal care items, health goods, medicinal herbal teas & medicinal herbal remedies to treat most ailments naturally. Just how we like it ;). We also have a great product range for bubs and kids too.

Natural Home Care Products

Because the home needs love too, we stock zero waste laundry, bathroom and kitchen items, ceramic and bamboo water filters, eco cups and bottles, bug & garden solutions, candles and essential oils. Low-tox incense? Yep we’ve got them!

Homemade Meals

For those times when you don’t feel like cooking, but don’t want to gojek either! We've prepared hearty and super healthy meals for you to enjoy at home with love and care. Including broths, soups, sauces and our range of organic cold pressed juices, smoothie bags and snacks.

Meats, Fish & Eggs

We stock a range of organic local Balinese meats, fish as well as imported Australian red meats. Our meats are farmed ethically and free from additives, hormones AND free-range organic where possible. Our eggs are hormone free and or organic free-range.

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