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Getting to know our local farmers and supporting small, family-run businesses is kind of our jam.

At Alive we believe.....
In sourcing the freshest organic and fruit and vegetables, natural and ethically produced products and the healthiest alternatives for a healthy body and mind at fair prices.
We believe in paying our farmers and suppliers well and supporting the local economy. We believe in reducing waste as much as possible, we know we are not perfect and we focus on conscious consumption.

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It’s what’s on the inside that counts 🥕

No - organic produce isn’t always perfect! When grown organically without pesticides, chemicals and other constraints, produce is allowed to grow naturally. We think that’s pretty special! We also don’t discard produce based purely on its looks like the big chains do - there’s no need for that kind of wastage!

We’re proud to say that we work with local farmers in Bali who share these values, so we can pass on this incredible produce to you too!

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Brassy Bali Blondes or Dull Grey but also want to avoid using single use plastic? @ibubumibali has you covered 😉

We were so excited to get these in store for you guys! These shampoo bars not only revive your brassy blonde and dull grey but they are SUPER hydrating and nourishing encouraging long luscious locks!

All of Ibu Bumis products are also paraban, SLS, palm oil and phthalates free ✌🏽

Find these as others from the range in stores and online at

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Not every trip to the grocery store needs to be rushed. Take time to stop and explore, mindfully shop for items you need, try new products, taste goods from our sample trays and have a chat to our beautiful team in store 🤍☀️ ...

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Exploring the aisles for fresh and wholesome treasures this weekend 🛒🍏🥦 ...

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🥬 You know green juices are good for you.. but why exactly? What makes this green juice so special?

Our juice was developed to help give your system a clean out while soothing your digestive tract with cucumber and turmeric.

Leafy green vegetables are known for their antioxidants, phytonutrients, as well as enhancing oxygen transport and serving as a natural source of energy.

AND THE BONUS? Combining greens with lime may aid with hydration and can help to create an easily absorbed source of iron!

Available in stores and online along with our full juice range!

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Embracing the weekend vibes with a basket full of organic goodness! Fresh fruits and veggies straight from our local farmers to your table is how it should be!

Selamat Datang Alive Wholefoods Store!

Temukan semua yang Anda butuhkan di satu tempat!

Karyawan/staff kami yang ramah siap membantu dengan semua yang anda butuhkan!
Kunjungi kami di toko Umlas atau Canggu. Jadikan tim kami sebagai asisten belanja pribadi anda melalui aplikasi whatsapp atau chat online kami.

Kunjungi kami di

Jadilah anggota ALIVE TRIBE  untuk mendapatkan poin yang dapat ditukarkan menjadi potongan harga , hadiah mingguan dengan pembelian dalam jumlah tertentu dan manfaat  lainya

🌱We stock more than 1000 items in store and online!
🍓Organic produce & Wholefoods
🥜Bulkfoods and zero waste essentials
🥚Dairy, eggs & meat
🥤Healthy juices, snacks and every day essentials
🛍Local and imported grocery and pantry goods
🛀Beauty and personal care
💊Health food items and supplements

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Going coco-nuts for dried coconut! 🥥🌴

Add a tropical twist to your snacks with a crunch that takes you to paradise 😆. Boosting energy, satisfying cravings, and keeping it naturally delicious!

Here’s five ways we love to use shredded coconut 🥥

1. Trail Mix Upgrade: Add dried coconut to your homemade trail mix for a tropical twist. It pairs perfectly with nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate chips.
2. Baking Bliss: Incorporate shredded dried coconut into your baking recipes. It adds a delightful texture and a subtle, sweet flavor to cookies, muffins, and cakes.
3. Smoothie Sensation: Blend dried coconut flakes into your morning smoothie for an exotic flavor boost. It pairs well with fruits like pineapple, mango, and banana.
4. Curry Companion: Enhance the flavor and texture of your curry dishes by tossing in some dried coconut. It absorbs the aromatic spices and adds creaminess.
5. DIY Granola: Create your own granola mix with dried coconut, oats, honey, and your favorite nuts and seeds. It’s a nutritious and delicious breakfast or snack option.

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✨EVERYONES FAVE ✨Protein and greens by @pranaon is back In Stock!

As always limited quantities available - send us a whatsapp to reserve so you don’t miss out!

+62 821 46165452

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Welcome to Alive! Balis original Wholefoods Store in the heart of Canggu! With two convenient store locations CANGGU & UMALAS!

Starting the week right with local, organic produce is just what we all need! We can’t wait to see you in store or visit our online store - link in our bio or whatsapp us directly here!

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Weekends are made for freshly baked goodies from 🥯

Available fresh daily from our Canggu and Umalas stores.

Our current favourite ways to eat it?

**Avocado Toast:** Mash up ripe avocado on toasted bread and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.

**Bruschetta:** Top toasted bread with diced tomatoes, garlic, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil.

**Peanut Butter Banana Toast:** Spread peanut butter on bread and add sliced bananas on top.

**Marinated Eggplant bites:** slice fresh crusty bread and top with our Alive Marinated Eggplant, salt and chili flakes 😋😋

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Hi 👋🏻 from our cute looking Umalas store!

We can’t wait to see you in store! You can find us on Jalan Dukuh Indah ☀️🌴

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Powering through the day with this convenient and protein-packed on-the-go vegan porridge!

Made with all the good stuff, with love in the Alive kitchen.

Natural Muesli, Plant Protein (Pea/Rice), Coconut Milk, Dried Cranberries, Coconut Flakes, Cacao powder. 49k in our fridge section and online!


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Happy Independence Day Indonesia 🇮🇩

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia
78 tahun “Terus Melaiu Untuk Indonesia Maiu

Today is a day to celebrate! We are so grateful to our Indonesia home and community and today the team at Alive celebrates you!

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A colorful and nutritious start to the day with this beautifully layered smoothie bowl. Layered with fresh fruits, coconut and Alive house made granola, we are loving our daily smoothie bowls as a delightful way to fuel up and stay energized.

Grab a frozen smoothie pack from our freezer section to have on hand whenever the craving strikes 💫

#HealthyEats #SmoothieBowl"

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Something a little different, we were enjoying this over the weekend with our pancakes and just had to share with you (no it’s not a green smoothie but life is all about balance right?).

This. Maple. Syrup. 🫠 (absolutely pure by @maplejoe_world)

And guess what? Maple syrup comes with a lower glycemic index compared to refined sugars, making it a better option for blood sugar management. Packed with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and manganese, maple syrup supports a healthy immune system and aids in cell function. Its unique compounds, such as polyphenols, have been linked to potential anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. In moderation of course 😉

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Shopping our bulk food section is venturing into a world of endless options: nuts, spices, flours, pantry essentials and countless goodies. Each scoop is a step closer to a delicious creation. Take only what you need!


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