Our Story


As a young family of 4 living on the magical Island of Bali, we know how important it is to be able to provide our kids with the best sustenance and lifestyle we can afford. 

We are very proud to have been one of Bali’s OG wholefood stores, (the first one in the Canggu area), so we feel we have really grown up with the area. 

We have passionately sourced Bali’s cleanest and greenest suppliers of all natural wholefoods & healthcare because this is what we personally care about too. 

We focus on providing you with an all natural shopping experience, in a sanitary environment, supplying goods to support stellar, local, eco-farmers on the island, as well as offering you a selection of your favorite imported goods that are difficult to source here on our precious small island home.

Our wonderful staff, inspiring suppliers and valued customers (that’s you!) are part of our Alive Tribe family and we hope you feel this when you step into our stores.

Our items are organic where possible, preservative and additive free & made with love and care. 

We’d like to invite you personally to join our Alive tribe family and follow along on our journey, so we can continue to bring you thoughtfully curated, genuinely healthy, affordable organic & natural products, effortlessly and beautifully.

Our product range, knowledge and business has grown over the years but our family values always remain the same and everything we do here is with love for our Island Home, Bali. 

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