The best store there is in Canggu that has most of the healthy choices and selection - from the hard to find açaí powder, gluten free and vegan pastries, coconut aminos and free range eggs & grass fed meat. I love how they also don’t use packaging and you can come in to bring your own jars and bags to fill.

Sandy T

I love this store! There are many deep waste products such as shampoo and conditioner bars, straws, bee wax covers, bags, etc. There is fresh fruit and vegetables, all unpackaged and you can even buy powders and herbs in bulk. Staff is really friendly as well and the prices are reasonable!

Pauline BMC

Love it here. Every visit is like Christmas. Great prices, amazing selection of hard to find products and some tasty treats to enjoy. I dream about the chocolate tempe snacks! Thanks Alive - you guys rock.

Simone Rogers

What a time to be ALIVE! I love this store, it has excellent quality ingredients. Everything is well presented. Staff are super friendly and very responsive. Prompt delivery service, and very professional. My go to store in Canggu. Highly recommended for all the health nuts out there. Go give it a visit!!

Billy Alsop

fresh fruits & grocery store - a lot of is unpacked 🙌🏼 you definitely have to buy the coconut yoghurt, it’s the best i’ve ever tried!

Adrian Petrasch

My go-to store in this street, their staff is incredibly nice and helpful, and their selection is pretty good. Pricey like all these stores but less than most. They also get your trash back so it can be recycled, which anyone who shops there should do 😉🌱

Liv Montmerle

Excellent, they sale broth without MSG

Bali Leather

Lovely little shop! The more you explore the more cool things you find ☺️ will come back here for nuts,seeds and essential oils

Mary Morgan

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