Concious Consumption

There are many ways you can join us in practising conscious consumption in store when you shop or at home..

  • Keep an eye out for our 50% off produce bins! We hate seeing good produce go to waste. We understand you might not want to pay full price for produce that is a few days old, that’s why we drop it down to 50%. These fruits and veggies are usually perfect for making juices, broth and soups at home!
  • Price dropping products still in their use by dates but not made that day – You’ll notice we also drop our supplier and house made items by 50% that were not sold the day we made them but are still within the expiry date! This means bargains for the shopper, making healthy options more affordable and less wastage all around. 
  • Composting! The full circle. Any produce that does go off before sale along with all unusable or undonatable food from our kitchens get composted with Urban Compost and then given back to our farmers to use in regenerating their soil and land. We encourage our customers to do the same!
  • Buy less, store foods properly and don’t overlook the most nutritious parts 😉 We encourage meal prepping and the correct food storage – see this article here!
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle. We have a strict commitment to recycling both in store and in our kitchens and warehouse. We put a focus on keeping our staff up to date with regular training in waste management. 
  • We encourage ZERO waste shopping through our ever growing bulk section. Take only what you need.
  • We provide paper bags if needed but encourage the reuse of glass packaging – bring your own or purchase them for use when you shop.
  • We encourage recycling through our “cashback” program – get 2k in store credit for every glass bottle or jar returned clean with lids to us. 
  • We provide Eco Bali Recycling bins at both our store locations for our customers to use and encourage them to do so.
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