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Happy Sunday!!! Who’s FEELIN ALIVE today?

Selamat Datang Alive Wholefoods Store!

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Karyawan/staff kami yang ramah siap membantu dengan semua yang anda butuhkan!
Kunjungi kami di toko Umlas atau Canggu. Jadikan tim kami sebagai asisten belanja pribadi anda melalui aplikasi whatsapp atau chat online kami.

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Jadilah anggota ALIVE TRIBE  untuk mendapatkan poin yang dapat ditukarkan menjadi potongan harga , hadiah mingguan dengan pembelian dalam jumlah tertentu dan manfaat  lainya

🌱We stock more than 1000 items in store and online!
🍓Organic produce & Wholefoods
🥜Bulkfoods and zero waste essentials
🥚Dairy, eggs & meat
🥤Healthy juices, snacks and every day essentials
🛍Local and imported grocery and pantry goods
🛀Beauty and personal care
💊Health food items and supplements


Welcome to Alive Wholefood Store!

We have everything you need in one place.

🌱We stock more than 1000 items in store and online!
🍓Organic produce & Wholefoods
🥜Bulkfoods and zero waste essentials
🥚Dairy, eggs & meat
🥤Healthy juices, snacks and every day essentials
🛍Local and imported grocery and pantry goods
🛀Beauty and personal care
💊Health food items and supplements

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TEA! The world of tea is a sensory journey that transcends mere sipping; it’s a passionate affair for true tea lovers. The delicate dance of leaves unfurling in hot water, releasing an aromatic symphony, is a ritual cherished by those who appreciate the subtle nuances of different varieties 😍

From the robust richness of black tea to the serene elegance of green tea and the medicinal properties of herbs, each cup tells a story, inviting us to slow down and savor the moment. For tea enthusiasts, it’s not just a beverage; it’s a connection to culture, tradition, and the simple joy found in a well-steeped brew. So here’s to the tea aficionados who find solace in the warmth of a teacup and the enchanting world it holds within. ☕ #TeaLovers

Being tea lovers ourselves it’s important to us to have alllll the things when it comes to the perfect brew. We’ve got an incredible range of tea, strainers, cups and travel ware for you to choose from. Play around with your flavor combos and find the right one for you 🤍

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💦GIVEAWAY! Want to try our NEW HYDRO WATER?💦

If you live in Bali, love to soak up the rays, ride a scooter or just leave your house in general...chances are your body is craving electrolytes to replenish your hydration levels!

💦Throw in a couple of paddle sessions, a few yoga classes and a surf, (Bali belly, food poisoning, sun stroke and a hangover) and it’s absolutely likely you are in need of HYDRATION! Back away from the Pocari sweat....

💦HYDRO WATER was created with athletes in mind, but it contains a unique combo of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals needed by EVERYONE! This product took us a little longer than planned to create, test and perfect, but we are pretty sure we are on the money with this one.

Hydro Water contains the perfect combo of coconut water, lemon, himalayan salt and blue spirulina are high in natural electrolytes, nutrients & minerals, and will help naturally nourish your body when you are taking it to extremes.

It also tastes amazing!😋

We want you all to try it so tell us “ why you think Hydro water could be a game changer for you” in the comments below 👇🏽 we’ll give five of you a chance to try it for free! (We’ll choose five and let you know in the comments in 48 hours!)

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8 Degree Cheeses has undergone a refreshing makeover and are excited to share their new name with you – Shy Cow.

While the name has changed, rest assured their commitment to delivering the finest quality and delicious taste remains unchanged.

A NOTE FROM @shycow.bali -

❓“Why did we change our name?”
We started as an artisan cheese crafting company, but as we introduced our popular Premium Greek Yoghurt and other products, we realised that our name no longer reflected everything that we are.

❓“Why the name Shy Cow?”
We believe that powerful taste doesn’t have to be loud and brash. Quality and craftsmanship speaks for itself.

We’re a team of obsessed Cheese makers and Yoghurt fermenters. Born of the masterful artistry from France and Australia, we use premium quality milk from our cows in the lush mountains of Java.
Our creations combine the best of craft tradition with the innovation and vibrancy of Indonesia. We are actively contributing to building an exciting and vibrant Indonesian cheese making movement.

🧀Over the next few weeks you will start to see our products transition to our new name and look.🧀

As we move forward as Shy Cow, we want to thank you for being part of our journey as 8 Degrees Cheese and invite you to continue to be part of our journey ahead as Shy Cow.
Thank you for your unwavering support.

🥂Here’s to a future filled with delectable cheese, creamy yoghurt and memorable moments – all under our new name Shy Cow!

With gratitude, The Shy Cow Team

Available at @alivewholefoodstorebali

#BaliArtisanCheese #ArtisanCheese #GreekYoghurt #8DegressCheese #ShyCowBali #BaliCheese #PremiumYoghurtBali #MadeInBali

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Your go to- basically fixes everything tonic to have daily or keep on hand. We’ve taken inspiration from our Indonesian elders for our latest product made with love in the Alive kitchen.

🫚 Pure cold-pressed organic ginger juice – a golden elixir brimming with natural goodness. Extracted from the finest organic ginger roots, this invigorating juice offers a burst of intense flavor and health benefits. To reap the rewards of its essence, start with a teaspoon of this liquid gold in warm water, allowing the spicy warmth to awaken your senses. Adjust the quantity to your preference (there’s zero sugar so it’s on the spicy side- it’s PURE after all!) , gradually increasing for a bolder experience. You can add honey or coconut syrup if you aren’t sweet enough already 😉

🫚 There’s so many benefits of this potent elixir. Beyond its aromatic and spicy kick, ginger juice has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe digestive discomfort and ease nausea. Rich in antioxidants, it supports immune health, while its natural antimicrobial properties provide an extra layer of defense if taken daily.

🫚 For us Pure Ginger is about nourishing your body from the inside out. It’s taking the time to enjoy the warm drink, mindfully and making it a daily mini ritual you can’t live without!

🫚 If you’re feeling unwell you can up the dose. We personally love a shot daily! Please note we aren’t medical professionals, only passionate about organic, natural health and wellness! Follow your own intuition about dosage 🙌🏽

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We dare you to finish the whole jar 😋

Lovers of our Vegan Choc Mousse…. Do you eat it all in one sitting? Or savor it over two?

Did you know we use organic local avocados and coconut cream to get the creamy texture? There’s something about it makes you want to go back for more - and so what if you do 😉

Made with love in the Alive Kitchen 😋

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What makes you FEEL ALIVE? Just for fun let us know in the comments so we can share the answers to inspire others!!!

🌴For us, it’s sourcing, eating and providing YOU with the freshest, organic and ethically produced products.

🪴Its paying our farmers and suppliers well!

🪷 It’s doing our part to be conscious about our planet, knowing we aren’t perfect but that every little step is a step in the right direction!

🪻I’ts seeing YOU thriving and feeling Alive from the goodness you get from our family run business!

🪺It’s knowing we’ve remained authentic and true to ourselves, not selling out, in a time where it’s so easy to do.

✨It’s nourishing our bodies and moving our bodies!

🌷It’s treating all with respect.

☀️It’s giving with no expectations!

🎉And celebrating every success and failure as an achievement and growth 🙌🏽

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This is one scrub we DO WANT! 🙌🏽Sacred Cacao, Bali Coffee & Black Tourmaline Face Scrub 🙌🏽 from @alam_farma is the epitome of self love for your face!

Indulge in this sensual, revitalising and moisturising face scrub. All-natural ingredients brought together with locally sourced Bali coffee and Raw Cacao brings your skin to life.

🫘 Raw Cacao; The high levels of antioxidants protect and repair the skin from damage and premature ageing. And as a potent anti-inflammatory, it soothes redness and blemishes, improving the skin’s complexion. The natural oil derived from the cacao seed, also known as cacao butter, contains healthy omega-6 fatty acids for a healthy dose of skin-soothing rejuvenation. While an increase in circulation stimulates new blood flow to the surface of the skin, keeping it healthy and glowing. Spiritually Cacao opens your heart, the gateway to hear your inner spirit and wisdom.

☕️ Bali coffee; skin firming, anti-inflammatory, and great exfoliator. Its antioxidants eliminate toxins and rejuvenate your skin naturally and combat the damage caused by harmful UV rays. The antioxidants present in coffee revive tired and dull skin by delivering much-needed nutrients. Caffeine increases blood circulation to help brighten your skin. Spiritually coffee provides peace of mind and grounding. It is protective against negative thoughts and helps overcome blockages and unhealthy emotions.

💎 Black Tourmaline; An energizing mineral often referred to as ‘The Electric Stone’ it has strong protective and grounding and purification properties and is a remover of negative energies.

When rubbed onto the skin the crystals generate an electrical charge, becoming positively charged on one end, and negative on the other, this helps the absorption of the bioactive ingredients of this luxurious face scrub, improving circulation and brightening the complexion and encouraging a radiant glow.

Jojoba Oil is similar to natural sebum which helps restore the skin’s normal pH level. Jojoba is unique oil because it balances dry and oily skin. Jojoba can be used to remove excess oil and help balance the skin’s natural oils; nourishing, soothing and softening.

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Mid week shopping done right!

We provide everything you need for your grocery shopping in one place. Enjoy the availability of healthy, organic, and locally sourced products both in our physical stores and online.

Come and explore our two convenient store locations in Canggu and Umalas. Get ready to feel Alive! 🥳

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Sipping the rainbow!! Our range of Cold-pressed juices - made daily in the Alive kitchen. A nourishing sip to end the year on a healthy, happy, and alive note. 🍏🥕🎉 #CheersTofeelingALIVE

Available in stores and online 🤩

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Wishing all of our Alive Tribe a wonderful Christmas and festive season 🎄

We’ve loved bringing the cheer to you all this year and look forward to bringing even more in the next!

Be safe, happy, healthy and ALIVE 🥳

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🎄The PERFECT festive treat to make and enjoy or gift to your loved ones! We got pomegranates in especially for these festive recipes for you! 🎄

🤍Get into the festive spirit with this yummy Yogurt Pomegranate Bark recipe created by Krisztina – a flavourful creation designed to be shared and savoured with those you love. This delightful treat captures the essence of the holidays, offering a perfect balance of creamy yogurt, bursts of juicy pomegranate, and a satisfying crunch.🤍

Whether you’re hosting a festive gathering, exchanging gifts, or simply enjoying quality time with loved ones, this snack is an invitation to indulge in the joyous spirit of the season.

Recipe live on our blog now - dairy free option too!

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The moment you realize your feed is full of sweet treats and you’re not mad about it at all 🤭

Everyone at our Xmas shindig is getting these Gluten free crescent cookies from

Almond flour, marzipan, chocolate and cranberry 🤤

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LAMINGTON 101 - an Australian delicacy 😆

If you’ve never heard of a LAMINGTON before… here’s what you need to know– Aussie sponge cake squares dipped in chocolate, rolled in coconut. These ones from @dijonbali are Soft, sweet, super light and fluffy and utterly addictive.

In stores and online now for the festive season only so if you’ve been wanting to try them don’t miss out!

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Introducing our newest delight in a jar: Marinated Eggplant! 🍆 You asked for this and we delivered - we hope you’ll love the exquisite blend of flavors - they’ve taken us a hot minute to perfect! But we’re pretty sure we nailed the perfect harmony of savory and tangy notes that dance on your palate with every bite.

🌱 its not only a feast for your taste buds but also a nutritional powerhouse. Rich in antioxidants, fiber, and essential nutrients, this delectable treat supports a healthy lifestyle. Embrace the benefits of a plant-based delight that effortlessly complements various dishes or stands alone as a delectable snack. We’re not kidding, try to open this jar and not finish it in a day.

Made with love in the Alive kitchen ✌🏽

Available now in stores and online


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Yes it’s true! We managed to get our hands on some amazing pomegranates for you just in time for Christmas, they arrived in store yesterday. **while stocks last only

This pomegranate salsa is top of our list of things to make - recipe is up over on the blog! Link in our bio!

🌈Pomegranates are a nutritional powerhouse, renowned for their numerous health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, they combat oxidative stress and inflammation, promoting heart health and potentially reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Packed with vitamins C and K, pomegranates support immune function and bone health. The fruit’s high fiber content aids digestion and may help manage weight by promoting a feeling of fullness.🌈

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