At Home Self-Love – Our Top five!

At Home Self-Love – Our Top five!

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March 9, 2022

We’ve been spending more time than usual at home so here are some ways we are enjoying disconnecting from the outside to reconnect with ourself! Whether you’ve been in lockdown, just rundown or feeling down, here are some easy things you can do at home to change your mood as quick as it takes to pour a glass of wine.

1. Delight your senses! Diffuse some oils (read about which ones to choose for what in this post here!) , light some incense (these new non-toxic ones from Utama Spice are amazing!) or sage, burn a soy candle and turn your space into your own little oasis. (We especially love @Balenaturalcandle )⁠. Creating an area in your home that is just for you can be magical, it also sends messages to your brain that you are safe to be you.

2. Turn off your devices and go and sit in the sun for a bit of good ol’ VIT-D! While you’re there pick up a pen and a beautiful journal (We love the @palkakreatif range that just landed in store) and get your creative juices flowing or just put pen to paper and see what follows!⁠ It’s amazing what stars to flow once you start.

3. Bake something indulgent! If getting messy in the kitchen is your type of meditation (like us!), get inspired and try out a new recipe. We reposted a sweet potato brownie recipe last week and we are dying to see someone else recreate it! Are there any recipes you’d like us to share?)⁠. Not into baking? Thats ok, that’s why we also stock tubs of @madpopsbali,  the amazing Peace pops from Peace of Cake Bali and yummy treats from Mindful Munchies. 

4. Treat your skin and hair to a natural, at home facial. We are thinking spirulina and diatomaceous earth face masks ( Mix a tsp of each with a little bit of water and apply to your face, leave on until it sets then remove with a warm washcloth!)  and coconut oil hair treatment while we’re at it!⁠ Don’t fancy the DIY? Try these at home face masks.

5. Have a bath – maybe it’s obvious to some, but there’s a reason we had to include this ritual in our top five. The calming and relaxing effects of a bath can do wonders for the soul. Pop on a podcast or a relaxation track, read a book or just enjoy some solitude. Our new CALM bath salts really do what they say they will – Calm your mind and your body with epsom salts, lavender and rose.

6. Have a glass of wine 😉

Relaxing and self care looks different for everyone – you do you! Find something that really makes you feel great and do that!

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