Breathing Easy: The Smog Survival Guide for Battling Bali’s Pollution

Breathing Easy: The Smog Survival Guide for Battling Bali’s Pollution

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November 9, 2023

Hey there, paradise-seekers! In the midst of the smog and haze shrouding our beloved Bali, it’s crystal clear that the need to combat pollution and prioritise our well-being has never been more urgent. The Island of the Gods is currently facing an unprecedented challenge with the three largest landfills ablaze for weeks, turning our once-pristine skies into a murky canvas of pollution. Never have we prayed harder for rainy season to arrive and a hopeful reprieve from the relentless smog.

While we’ve often emphasised the importance of reducing waste on this island (can’t stop won’t stop!) today, we can’t stress enough the significance of addressing pollution and bolstering our immune systems, especially with the approaching rainy, cold, and flu season. As a community, we’ve received loads of inquiries about strategies to minimise or detox from the persistent smog’s effects. So -, we’ve put together a set of invaluable tips to safeguard both your well-being and the environment.


Pollution often exposes us to heavy metals that gradually accumulate in our bodies, leading to heavy metal poisoning. Bye Bye Toxins from Grass Roots, a specially designed blend, acts as a chelating agent, binding to and absorbing these harmful metals, effectively removing them from the body. It’s a year-round staple for us in Bali, promoting the elimination of heavy metals, maintaining the health of our liver and kidneys, and reducing exposure to harmful chemicals.


The trauma of mask-wearing isn’t lost on us. However, with construction dust, bike fumes, and those ominous trash clouds persisting as sources of pollution, masks are making a comeback. They’re not just a safety precaution; they’re a tangible reminder of our ongoing battle against pollution. Make it a reusable one of course so it doesn’t end up in landfill.


We’ve all experienced it—the thin layer of black grime that clings to our skin and clothes after a bike ride. Wiping off your face after riding can minimise the absorption of these harmful pollutants into your skin. Swap your traditional wipes for biodegradable cotton baby wipes, a gentle solution for your skin and the environment.


Although our organic produce is sourced from regions mostly unaffected by recent fires (Bedugal, Singaraja highlands and Tabanan), it’s still advisable to wash your fruits and vegetables. A quick wash with good ol’ apple cider vinegar or a veggie wash solution can help remove accumulated pollution. Consider using Terra Bamboo Charcoal-filtered water for this purpose.


Bamboo charcoal, a natural water purifying wonder, is gaining popularity in Bali thanks to the incredible innovators at Terra Water. These innovative filters, harnessing the natural purifying properties of bamboo charcoal, are providing cleaner and safer drinking water, allowing us to effectively use tap water. Game changing! You can also take charcoal orally.


Pineapples are more than just a tropical delight. They’re being recognized in Bali for their potential to clear out any gunk in our lungs caused by pollution. Packed with antioxidants and enzymes, pineapples offer a natural way to support our respiratory health.


Bolstering our immune systems is imperative in the fight against pollution. “Immunity juice” has become the buzzword in Bali, with locals and visitors turning to nutrient-rich tonics to strengthen their defences against environmental pollutants. Our own Immunity juice was crafted precisely for this purpose. It’s got allll of the good things for boosting immunity. The real hard hitter in this one is the turmeric – a powerful anti-allofthethings antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient.

While nothing is a quick-fix, or a perfect solution – knowledge is power and these little tips can make sure you’re fighting fit to tackle the bigger issues on hand here on our beloved Island home of Bali. Keep fighting the good fight guys – our Alive Tribe (that’s you!) are absolute legends – thanks for being here!

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