Parasites and Full Moon Detoxing – A chat with Eva

Parasites and Full Moon Detoxing – A chat with Eva

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December 9, 2021

Alive: Eva, you’re a certified nutrition coach living the Island life here in Bali with your beautiful daughter. We love following as you take us through holistic detoxing and cleansing over on your instagram page and we also love that you are not shy about showing us what is really going on (and coming out) of our bodies! Your ‘totally real’ posts and insights are a breath of fresh air 😉

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are so passionate in particular about cleansing and parasites?

Eva: We live in an era where we are so obsessed about sanitising our hands – but giving a deep clean inside our body is often neglected.  Cleansing to me is a form of self respect, self love, hygiene and making sure that my ‘temple’ is high vibrational, vital and resilient. To rid myself off parasites has always been an essential part in my healing journey and holds me accountable to change my terrain to a more alkaline state. Beauty, health and healing really comes from the inside out.

In a nutshell? What are they, why and how do we get them?

Eva: As long as we are breathing we host parasites, we live in a symbiotic relationship with them and they are part of our ecosystem.  It’s the overgrowth that causes discomfort – so everyone should do a parasite cleanse 2 x a year.

Parasites are like unwanted guests that use our body as a hotel and don’t move out. it’s warm and has room service. they snack when we snack. but they deprive us from nutrients such as vit A, B12, iron and zinc. Zinc bolsters the immune system which is a threat to parasites. robbing the zinc secures them a spot in our “presidential suite”. 

What kind of symptoms might someone be experiencing that would indicate they have parasites and why is it important to start looking after our bodies before we start seeing these symptoms?

Eva: I am all for prevention and making sure that I have a highly electric body and mind that parasites are not attracted to. However, our poor lifestyle choices, antibiotics, stress, processed diets are all easy bait for hosting unfavourable pathogens.

It’s highly likely that you have parasite overgrowth if you have low energy, skin irritation, IBS symptoms, feeling flat, cravings, irritable, hard to lose weight, have fungal infections, feel overwhelmed, suffer from depression, anxiety, teeth grinding or brain fog. Not feeling yourself ? Might be parasites altering your mood.

For those that don’t know, what is parasite detoxing and what does it have to do with the full moon?

Eva: A Full Moon Parasite Cleanse is the best way to do a thorough parasite protocol as it’s a time of heightened parasite reproduction.
The levels of serotonin, the feel good hormone increases during a full moon.  just as we have receptors for serotonin, so do parasites. The worms use serotonin to move in the body and reproduce. Hence the word ‘lunatics.

A parasite cleanse is best done during the full moon since parasites are most vulnerable at this time. It is when the parasites detach from the walls of the organs and intestinal lining to breed and lay eggs. Expanding on the concept of magnetism, you can use the full moon and lunar cycles to enhance your parasite and detox protocol methods.

What can someone expect when they do a parasite detox with you and why is it important to be guided through a process like this?

Eva: We’ll be addressing all layers of our being. The emotional, physical, mental and spiritual part. We are holistic beings that require a holistic approach. A detox coaching is very intense and transformative – I witness how many people are eager to detox but forget a lot of crucial steps, such as opening up our elimination pathways in our body first (pre tox). If they are blocked, then toxins cannot be eliminated safely and will just recirculate in our body which is very harmful.

In a detox coaching we connect with many different tools such as a complete online detox platform including tutorials, PDFs with Journal, Recipe Booklet, holistic guest speakers etc. I get very intimate with my clients from the beginning, it is a very customized journey that requires full trust and an open mind.

Is much preparation necessary?

Eva: Preparation Phase is the most important phase. There is an entire protocol before even starting. It determines how well one succeed in their detox journey. One part of the preparation is to address our mindset and our intention. Without strong intention many people give up before fully immersing in detoxification.

Can you tell us about your daily routines and rituals to support a healthy gut/intestine/colon?

Eva: My concept of health is very basic. I go back to simplicity and honor nature.
We are electrical beings that seek the sunlight to recharge. We thrive on electrical foods as our nervous system is electrical. Instead of seeing food as nourishment – I see food as energy.

Rather than combining a big bowl of salad with 10 different veggies and nuts and dressing I prefer to indulge in a mono meal of let’s say, just a tomato salad with a bit of basil to really taste all the flavors out and appreciate this single ingredient. I imagine its entire life cycle, from soil to seed to tree to all the insects and bees that were involved. To the harvester and the carbon footprint it took to land on my plate.

Simple digestion equals simple mind.

Are there foods which kill parasites, is it worth incorporating these daily or are parasites something that need to be hit with a bang?

Eva: Everything natural, alkaline and highly vibrational is anti parasitic so focus a lot on fruits and vegetables. You can also include papaya seeds, pumpkin seeds and garlic on a daily basis.

For someone not sure if they have parasites or are just starting out on their parasite detoxing journey – what do they need to know?

Eva: For me the commitment of a client is most important. Commitment to wanting to change and improve their lifestyle. Detoxing is not easy, one of the first steps we do is wean off stimulants and comfort food. This in itself is already quiet ‘life changing’. we consume coffee and other addictions on a daily basis for many years on autopilot without questioning what havoc it actually does in our body and get dependent on it. I will ask them to question everything (even cleaning and beauty products we apply) which does bring them out of their comfort zone – but only there we are able to grow and expand.

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  1. Yes im intetsted in applying this detox method on my own but if theres any wzy that there is some kind of workshop to atten for the spiritual cleaning im willing to attend

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