Birthing Auric Spray by Balipura 100ml



This Sprays aids in adaptation to new life circumstances and tempos, regulating pulses, rhythms and the different liquids in the body.

Enriching vitality and with being able to materialise and ground, welcome projects and babies from a space of

Love and self-esteem allowing you to transit these moments feeling empowered and with Love.

It can be used by soon to be mothers, before, during and after childbirth. ( Avoid during first trimester of Pregnancy)

Can also be used for Materialization of New Projects or change in Life circumstances (losses, change of house, moving to other country, after airplane trip)

Water, Grain Alcohol, 100% Pure Essential oils homemade blend, Bach Flowers

They are all handmade with the finest quality crystals (they have been cleansed, activated and charged with its original life force) & Certified Organic pure essential oils. All blessed in a special Balinese Ceremony, immersed in a vibrational & sound-healing process, on a base of energetically cleansed spring water from our own natural spring in the heart of Bali’s volcanic mountains.

We receive a certificate of authenticity for every purchase we make of essential oils.

Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight, TV’s, microwaves & computers.

Keep in fridge if you live in a hot / humid area.

Its super refreshing to spray it cold, try it!

Shelf life is around 1 year. Please check our best used before dates in the bottles.