Coffee Ground by Bali Organic Coffee 500g


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Organic Bali coffee is Bali’s best coffee selected from red sun ripe harvest coffee and  processed at slow roasted to ensure the quality of finest coffee beans.


Organic Bali Coffee is traditionally processed to ensure achieving the best original Balinese coffee taste and character.


Bali organic coffee has been grown without the use of potentially harmful chemicals (artificial pesticides/herbicides)  that may cause bad effects for health. Shade grown in Mangu Mountain, North of Badung

Regency- Bali, Indonesia which is 650 meters above sea level where coffee trees are grown well organically.


o grow Organic Bali Coffee use compost fertilizer made from the mulch of coffee cherries, cattle manure, and residues from inter-planted crops (banana trunks, tree’s rotten leaves) to produce a deep, rich level of topsoil compost for their trees. The topsoil compost gives the coffee plant essential nutrients which provide you with a richer, best, and fantastic coffee taste.