Make a donation to SOS Indonesia




Donate here and we will do the shopping for you!

For each 100k donation (approx. $10 AUD), Alive Wholefoods will add a 5kg bag of rice to your basket!

Bali is currently facing several crises from homelessness to hunger. With millions of people going without food on a daily basis, which is why SOS have taken action in order to help those need it most. SOS Indonesia is a non profit organisation that was established in 2016. The organisation is based here in Bali. Specifically, SOS Indonesia operates in areas with a high concentration of hotels, including popular tourist spots such as Sanur, Kuta, Denpasar, and Legian.

The main focus of SOS Indonesia is to combat food waste and hunger by collecting surplus food from various sources. This includes partnering with hotels, supermarkets, bakeries, farms, and manufacturers to retrieve surplus food that might otherwise go to waste.

We are facilitating donations through a community fridge space in our store, where people can donate, and the team from SOS Indonesia will pick up and distribute! If you can’t get in to donate in person, you can easily donate here 🙂

Our team will select the typical food staples our Balinese community need like:
Cooking Oil
….along with treats for the kiddies like:
Homemade desserts
…and anything else we have in stock and we know they will love 🙂
100k will easily get you a full basket of healthy food….

We will then add photos to our Social media profiles so you can see your donation working it’s magic in real time. Want to see what the SOS team do daily? Check them out here, they’re doing amazing things!!

Thank you so much for caring – You are making a difference!!

Our team will be in touch to confirm your payment 🙂