Grounding Auric Spray by Balipura 100ml



It prevents us from staggering in difficult situations, allowing us flow in our daily routine with less fear, more confidence, stability and strength. The lower chakras, (especially the root chakra) are activated.There is a flow between us and our Divine Mother below, which is always there for us and willing to receive what we have to give (eg. fear). The Sprays work on reestablishing this connection, this flow.


Water, Grain Alcohol, 100% Pure Essential oils, Bach Flowers, homemade extracts.


They are all handmade with the finest quality crystals (they have been cleansed, activated and charged with its original life force) & Certified Organic pure essential oils. All blessed in a special Balinese Ceremony, immersed in a vibrational & sound-healing process, on a base of energetically cleansed spring water from our own natural spring in the heart of Bali’s volcanic mountains.


We receive a certificate of authenticity for every purchase we make of essential oils.


Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight, TV’s, microwaves & computers.


Keep in fridge if you live in a hot / humid area.


Its super refreshing to spray it cold, try it!


Shelf life is 1 year. Please check our best used before dates in the bottles.