Jamu by Ibu Dotty 650ml


An Alive customer favourite – the original Jamu by Ibu Dotty.

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Jamu is a traditional herbal medicine that has been made in Indonesia for centuries. Ibu Dotty’s Jamu tonic uses 100% natural & unprocessed ingredients including Turmeric, Tamarind and is made from a recipe passed down from her grandmother. Now days Turmeric is known as the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting & potentially reversing disease. Ibu Dotty’s customers buy her tonic to help heal a wide variety of ailments including stomach bloating & cramps, eliminating body odour & mood swings. It is also an anti inflammatory & anti depressant. This bright orange tonic is taken daily by locals & visitors all over Bali! Give it a try on your next visit or order here online. Seriously it’s the best!


Sugar Free