Sleep Like Baby Spray Mist by Bali Radiance 60ml


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Attaining a restful, deep sleep routine is not as simple as it should be. Our busy lives and wandering minds can keep us up at all hours of the night, but that is where the Sleep Like a Baby Essential Oils Blend comes into play. This all natural, professionally formulated recipe works as good as a pill without the negative side effects and morning-after grogginess.


The blend consists of:

1. Chamomile (a popular choice among insomniacs, it will kickstart the sleep cycle and promote overall wellbeing)

2. Lavender (characterized by its calming, soothing effects it will keep you asleep throughout the night)

3. Rosemary (known for clearing the memory and providing focus, this herb can prepare a restless mind for a night of dreaming). The Sleep Like a Baby Essential Oils Blend is simple and to the point; this combination of natural ingredients will aid in finding the sleep routine you have been searching for.