The Astangkara Way – Healthy Rice Campaign

The Astangkara Way – Healthy Rice Campaign

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August 28, 2021


As you might already know we have been working with SOS – Scholars of Sustainance over the past year and a half on their ‘Bali Strong’ campaign – an initiative to combat the effects of COVID-19 by providing nutrition to those in need.

SOS has recently joined forces with Astungkara Way on an incredible project to repair the effects that chemicals have had on the land – a horrifically degenerative impact on life in the soil, biodiversity and human health, by returning to natural farming methods! 

Balinese farmers are ready to make the transition to natural farming, but they face a huge challenge in particular the initial cost of organic inputs, the heavier labour required to get started, and ensuring that food and financial security are not jeopardized in the event that yields dip temporarily during the transition.

This is where Astangkara Way hope to help by establishing a stable market for naturally farmed rice. 

“Our goal is to regenerate 6 hectares of land in Subak Uma Lambing by creating a market for 3 tons of naturally farmed rice per month. This will involve the efforts of a critical mass of farmers in the Subak Uma Lambing cooperative to inspire other farmers to join the movement too.

We see the potential of eliminating chemical inputs from farming in Bali one farmer and one rice paddy at a time, making this island recognized for a regenerative movement that could reach from local to global.”

So where does SOS come in? Through this campaign Rice can be purchased directly from the farmers and donated to SOS – who prepare meals for an average of 3000 people per day. This means people in poverty stricken areas are receiving nourishing, chemical free rice too – why should natural rice be just for those who can afford it?

We love this campaign and hope you do too.

If you’re not in Bali, you can donate directly to SOS here or to Astangkara Way here. 

If you are in Bali – why not start by purchasing the rice for your home, staff or family and reap the benefits of chemical free, naturally grown rice while in turn supporting the initiative to continue. 

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