Coconut Scented Candle by Balé Natural



Balé Natural Candles
Coconut Scented Candle

Small Vanilla Sky
(Apple, Cinamon, Vanilla, Almond)

Large Palo Santo  –  *Seasonal Edition
(Cinnamon, Orange, Cloves)

Large Lait de Coco
(Burnt coconut, nectarine, coconut cream)

(Sandalwood, myrrh)

Mulled Wine
(Ceylon, Anise, Bitter Orange)

Grandma’s Apple Pie
(Apple, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar)


Candle Instructions:

  • Always trim your wick for each lighting
  • Trim wood wick to 5 mm & cotton wick to1 cm or less
  • First time lighting your candle make sure you let it burns for min 2hrs or until it has fully melted to the edge
  • Do not burn your candle more than 3-4hrs at a time
  • Allow enough time for candle to solidify before next burn
  • Always keep your candle lids on when not lighted
  • Keep an eye on it, away flammable item
  • Remember to repurposed your candle container and your candle lids are also designed specifically to be reproposed as camphor to absorb odor and humidity from shoes or drawers. NO WASTED!


These candles are handpoured in Bali

  • All natural
  • Non-toxic soy wax
  • Up to 70hr burns (Large)
  • Up to 30hr burns (Small)

SAFTEY NOTE: Please always cut/trim the wick and read the warning on the bottom glass & the candle care cards