March 29, 2022

Oh Kale Yeah! Salad

A super quick, super easy and nutrient packed salad.

Perfect for a lunch portion or double for a side salad for family of 4!

30 minutes 1-4


Half a bunch of kale

1 sweet potato (yellow or orange) – steamed for 30 minutes

200g chickpeas

1-2 handfuls of organic red cherry tomatoes sliced

1 green organic zucchini – chopped however you like it

Alive spice & seed salad and soup topper mix

Coconut oil

Salt and pepper to taste


Rinse and chop all your veggies!

Steam your sweet potato and at the same time pop your zucchini into the oven with a drizzle of coconut oil until soft and cooked.

Once veggies have cooled slightly – throw everything together!

Season to your liking and top with our YUMMY Spice and Seed mix!