Premium Greek Yoghurt 500g by 8 Degrees Cheese



Super thick, sugar free, the only thing we add is good gut probiotic bacteria.

Shelf life: 1 week

Thickened naturally by hanging in cheese-cloth to let the whey slowly drip out. It takes a lot of milk to create a little Greek yoghurt but the result is a super thick decadent cream. No added thickeners, milk powder, or sweeteners.

The finest artisan cheese and yogurt on the island

At 8 Degrees we use quality Indonesian milk and traditional cheese making practices to create premium cheeses and yogurts.

We love our cows
Our milk is sourced raw from a 50 head grass-fed, single herd, fourth generation Dutch-Indonesian family farm in the highlands of Banyuwangi. All the cows have a name and walk freely to the milking shed which uses modern hygienic milking machines and practices. We can certify that the milk has no additives, no pesticides, no hormones and no antibiotics – a beautiful cheese crafter’s milk. We also source the best of Indonesia’s spices, sea salts and local organic herbs to bring out the best in our premium cheeses.

Why 8 Degrees?

Bali is 8 degrees below the equator and 8 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature for slow cave fermentation to produce quality full tasting premium cheeses. Great cheese takes time. 8 is also the symbol for infinity which aligns to our philosophy of a circular economy and zero waste. We do not use plastic in our packaging. Our head cheese maker learnt her craft from leading cheese-masters in Australia, and over the years has continued to developed her expertise from cheese makers in the UK, France, Cyprus and Canada. We have qualifications in HACCP and risk management which ensures hygiene standards and effective controls are incorporated across the end to end making process. Our passion is for rekindling traditional cheese making practices and mentoring young Indonesians keen to learn the craft